Book Reviews for 'OUT OF THE SHADOWS'

I have received many reviews from readers and purchaser's of my book as well as motor sport magazines, publications and book retailers who have reviewed the book and a selection of them are presented here.

I will always be grateful to those who have taken the time to write to me with their appreciation, it has made the whole experience considerably more worthwhile and satisfying.
Review Taken From Four Small Wheels Magazine

Thanks to a chance meeting with the marketing manager of photographic suppliers Agfa Gavaert, photographer Roger Lane was given an assignment to capture the drama and atmosphere of motor racing in Europe using the company's colour films. Here we see a carefully selected collection of superb colour images that not only capture the race action but also the atmosphere in the paddocks and pit lanes. The photos were taken over a few years from 1968 into the early 1970s and the vast majority have not been previously published. the views that we get are very different to those usually published, with the traditional front three-quarter views of the cars rarely used and instead we see small details in focus, or rear views or whatever caught the photographer's eyes. A fine study in both photography and motor racing.

Review from Motor Books, London

Following a trip to the Monaco Grand Prix in 1967 a chance meeting with the Advertising Manager of Agfa Gevaert gave photographer Roger Lane a unique assignment: to capture the colour and atmosphere of international motor racing, concentrating on the cars, drivers, action and behind the scenes activity. Un-restricted by the demands and deadlines of photo-journalism, Roger's photographs capture a unique and candid view of a sport on the brink of massive and enduring change.

Whether trackside or in the paddock, be it Silverstone or Monte Carlo, Roger and his camera were there to record in intimate detail not only the thrills, excitements and disappointments of perhaps the most glamorous sport in the world, but also the scenes the public never saw – the hard work, grease and grime and intense preparation that made it all possible.

Danger was ever-present and Roger makes comparison with the clinical conditions of today's highly computerised and sophisticated, yet much safer sport.

Roger’s now historic photographs, most of which have never been published before, provide a nostalgic look back at this era of the sport. Together with his first hand experiences we can now re-live the days of Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart, Jack Brabham and Jochen Rindt amongst others. This book is a unique testament to a vanished but much lamented world of magnificent men and their magnificent machines.

Review from Motor Sport Magazine

Following a positive response from his inclusion in Motor Sport’s You Were There feature a few years ago, Roger Lane has taken the plunge and published his photographs in a 144-page book.

The images, taken for the Agfa Gevaert company after the advertising manager assigned Lane to capture “the colour and atmosphere of international motor racing”, range from saloon car events at Silverstone to all the glamour of the Monaco Grand Prix.

From the privileged position of being behind the scenes at some of motor racing’s most important meetings, Lane brings you a wonderful inside look at the world of 1960s motor sport. Particular attention is paid to Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart, Jochen Rindt and Jacky Ickx, but the images of paddock life and the ‘colour and fashion’ of motor racing are of equal interest. Especially for those who didn’t experience it first hand.

The photos are divided into different race meetings, and Lane provides an introduction to each group of images and explains how he took them. Even though some of his earlier images are not of the highest quality, this is still a great collection. If they were good enough to be printed in Motor Sport, they’re certainly worthy of a £25 book now.

And finally these two emails I received from a reader in Italy and another in France I value greatly in appreciation of my book - Thank you gentlemen, I trust you will have years of pleasure remembering that wonderful era in motor racing history.

Dear Mr Roger Lane
I have really appreciated your outstanding book ‘Out of the Shadows’. The pictures of 60s motor racing are of extraordinary beauty and intensity.
I was born in 1962 and I was just a child in the 60’s. My first clear memories of racing motors goes back to the end of this decade with the passion for Ferrari and its young and promising talent ‘Jacky Ickx’. I believe he would have been the Schumacher of the 70s if he had been in the right time in the Ferrari team. Unfortunately that was not the right time for the Italian red team. Then I was too young to understand what was behind the scenes of F1. Your pictures show a relaxing atmosphere of friendship and respect that I agree we don’t find in the modern era.
I cannot forget that, as you say, motor racing was really a dangerous sport at that time. As a child keen on motor racing, early I had to realise that life and death are two faces of the same medal. This very same lesson still belongs to my personal life and job as physician every single day.
Now I see I haven’t forgotten the heroes of my childhood, they live again in your magic box of tribute and memories – ‘Out of the Shadows’
Thanks again and congratulations.
Fabrizio Celeste MD, Legnano, Milan, Italy
By email on 7th January 2010

A superlative of motorsport photography!
By Ferdinand Ernest on 1 May 2011
This is the most beautiful photo book on motor sport I acquired until now! It proves that talent is the only and one criterium to obtain the most impressive results. A Praktcka (my first mirror reflex, as for many of us) did the job, surpassing more-thousand-pounds-Nikon-canons comfortably!!! An unbelievable job on the colours that come out on these photographs unbelievably close to what is left in our memories of these (beautiful) years. A real master piece, largely ahead of what many professionals (with all respect) had published before, and after... Fortement conseillé!!!