Roger Guttridge

Roger Holman,Roger Guttridge,Roger Lane
Roger Holman,Roger Guttridge,Roger Lane
It is with great sadness that I mention the passing of my long-term friend Roger Guttridge with whom I shared the same birthday, albeit 5 years apart (me 1945 and Roger 1940).

My late fellow photographer Roger Holman and I worked with Roger Guttridge on our first book ‘Landscapes of Dorset’ and again on ‘Villages of Dorset’. We frequently toured Dorset, book signing, promoting the books with talks and audio-visual sequences and became known as ‘The Three Rogers’. Sadly, I am the only one remaining now but in the true spirit of my two colleagues, I intend to carry on with camera and words as long as I can. When we visited Amersham in Buckinghamshire to approve the proofs of ‘Landscapes of Dorset’ we had a meeting with yet another Roger which made conversations rather amusing.

Roger Guttridge was a tremendously generous and quiet professional with a subtle sense of humour, generous with his advice and personal help to me with my writing and a constant supporter for fair and reasonable terms for authors in respect of publishing contracts with the Society of Authors.

Roger’s knowledge of Dorset and in particular the Blackmore Vale was insurmountable, along with his personal history of smuggling and Dorset’s most famous of smugglers Isaac Gulliver from whom he was a direct descendent.

Whenever we met Roger, knowing my life-long interest in motor racing always held a detailed conversation about the last Grand prix or the next. It amazed me how he knew so much about the sport when ‘his’ sport was swimming but that was no doubt due to his enquiring mind as a journalist.

During the last four years of his life, Roger quietly fought Leukaemia and whenever I spoke with him or exchanged emails he was always very open and clear on his way forward and continued with his writing to the end.

Thank you, Roger, for being such a loyal and supportive friend over the years, you have left a wonderful legacy with your words and you will be sadly missed.