Concorde Returns to Filton

Concorde Returns to Filton
Concorde Returns to Filton

An historic moment in aviation
During my forty-four years in the aerospace industry, I experienced many memorable and historic moments in aviation. Perhaps the most memorable was Concorde which I once saw at Filton as nothing more than a chalked outline on the hangar floor. This was being done to mark the position of the jigs from which Concorde would emerge.

It was a remarkable sight and during further visits to both Filton and Toulouse I was able to see the various stages of build through to completion and eventual ‘roll out’.

Twenty years ago today (2nd November 2023) I was very privileged to be invited to Filton to watch Concorde’s very last flight home to Filton, from where she was created.

It was a wonderful experience as I had been very much involved in the commercial side of the business by contracting the supply of fuel system equipment for the aircraft and supporting her in-flight service with British Airways and Air France.

Less than a year later I also retired and I will always treasure the image I took of her last landing back at Filton. I was in a brilliant position to capture the moment with a tiny compact Leica Minilux 35mm camera